Customer Chaos Solved.


Dixa is customer service software that enables businesses of all industries and sizes to deliver one unified customer experience on email, chat and phone. Our multichannel software gives companies the ability to have continuous conversations with their customers across all channels for more personal, engaging interactions.

Never again waste time sorting through your inbox or transferring customers to a different agent. Our intelligent routing automates the distribution of all emails, chats and calls, connecting customers with the best available agent based on the nature of their inquiry and the agent's strengths. This ensures the most important inquiries get handled first with accuracy for a better customer experience.

Routing can be customized for each channel through our flow builders and updated in real-time without any assistance from your IT department, minimizing costs and giving you the flexibility to make changes on the fly. 

Our integrations (Magento, Shopify, Custom Card) allow you to see data from your own systems while assisting customers in Dixa (order history, tracking etc.), giving your agents all the information they need to successfully help your customers.

Enjoy cross-channel features such as:

  • Skill-based routing
  • Queues
  • Opening hours
  • Conversation history
  • Customer recognition
  • Notes & tags
  • Prioritization of agents
  • Prioritization of queues
  • Service levels and alerts
  • Real-time performance overview
  • Integrations
  • Offer Algorithms

By eliminating the chaos caused by using separate systems to manage your support, Dixa enables users to establish stronger bonds with customers for successful long-term relationships. 

All in one

Call Center, Contact Center and Help Desk in one.

Advanced routing

Automated and intelligent distribution of conversations to agents.

Engaging & personal

Have continuous conversations with people at the center.

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Dixa is customer service software that enables companies to deliver one unified CX on email, chat & phone. Stop the chaos caused by using separate systems and start building relationships with your customers through personal conversations.