Calabrio Quality Management (QM) for Twilio Flex
Calabrio Quality Management (QM) for Twilio Flex

Calabrio Quality Management (QM) for Twilio Flex

Smarter quality management. Better customer experiences.


Every interaction is an opportunity. Strengthen relationships, deepen loyalty and drive measurable impact across the business. Automate recording and reporting and streamline evaluations—so you can spend more time coaching and leading.

Together, Twilio Flex and Calabrio QM empower contact centers to evaluate and analyze every customer interaction. With a secure cloud-to-cloud integration you'll be able to review calls almost immediately after they end. Customize quality automation tools, such as rule-based contact selection, to apply specific business rules and flag interactions for evaluation.

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Evaluate Every Customer Interaction

Calls, emails, chats, social media—capture and evaluate every interaction for customer service quality. Meet policies and comply with regulations for data encryption and secure storage. Leverage manual and automated pause and resume functionality.

Drive Key Performance Metrics

First contact resolution. Script and compliance adherence. Leverage a pre-built evaluation form library to hit the ground running—or design your own to fit your unique business needs. Live monitor calls and see agent screen activity in real time.

Engage and Motivate Employees

Evaluate calls, measure performance and give agents the immediate feedback they crave. Allow agents to share their best practices with the click of a button. Leverage built-in gamification tools. Create benchmarks, set goals and display peer leaderboards.

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Calabrio offers an intelligent Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite for Twilio Flex that makes it easy to take control of your contact center data, drive innovation and harness the power of the authentic voice of your customers.

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