Glance Guided CX
Glance Guided CX

Glance Guided CX

Real human guidance for digital CX


Glance Guided CX solutions allow enterprises to add the human element to their digital customer interactions. Glance is embedded into the Twilio Flex environment, allowing your agent to click a single button within Twilio and instantly join digitally connected customers in the app or website. The agent can see the screen of the customer and deliver human-to-human guidance. The result of Glance Guided CX is increased digital transactions, improved customer satisfaction & loyalty, higher service center efficiency, and increased revenue growth.


With nothing to download and install, representatives simply see what your customers see and assist their navigation in your website or desktop app: securely, in-person, and in the moment.

Mobile App Share

Representatives join customers inside your mobile app - all customers do is accept a simple prompt - to see only what they’re seeing inside that app and guide their actions.


Add live video chat to any Cobrowse or Mobile App Share experience to augment onscreen interactions with powerful, personal, face-to-face collaboration - right in your current website or app and with nothing for users to download or install.

Mobile Camera Share

With no app to install, invite customers or colleagues to share their mobile cameras and see what’s in their environment for troubleshooting, advisory services, or issue resolution.

Screen Share

Secure screen sharing technology from Glance lets representatives see any screen, browser tab, or app on a customer’s computer.

See, understand, and guide

Your agent can see the browser or app screen of the customer, to instantly understand the problem. The agent can highlight on-screen content and guide customer navigation. Glance is perfect for sales, service, support, and training use cases.

Frictionless customer engagement

Glance 1-Click Connect™ lets the agent launch a Glance collaboration session with a single click of the mouse — no need for the customer to download or install a sharing client — for the ultimate in elegant, frictionless customer engagement.

Embed Glance into your Twilio workflow

Add Glance Guided CX capabilities to any Twilio Flex object to engage customers with minimal disruption to the agent's workflow. Use Glance to launch “in-the-moment” interactions to boost satisfaction, sales and revenue.

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Glance makes it easy to provide personal, human-to-human customer experience in digital environments. Glance's in-the-moment cobrowse, screen share, mobile app share, and video solutions help increase customer satisfaction and create new revenue.