A Ciptex: One Payment Cloud - Secure Digital Payments
A Ciptex: One Payment Cloud - Secure Digital Payments

A Ciptex: One Payment Cloud - Secure Digital Payments

Secure e-commerce transactions via digital links


Secure Digital Payments is available for both agent assisted and self-service transactions. End customers are provided with a link to complete a secure e-commerce transaction. This can be sent via email, SMS or a social media platform and made on a device of their choice. 


The major benefit of this solution is the ability to provide a secure payment solution across all communication channels without exposing card data to agents. Customers can pay using their channel of choice, optimising the customer journey and thus maximising revenues.

Another benefit is that digital payment links also facilitate additional authentication methods in the Card Not Present (CNP) channel. This shifts the liability to the card issuers and consequently eliminates fraud-related chargebacks. 


Flex Plugins provide almost instant access to the service which integrates to 100+ payment providers across the globe. 

Ciptex has developed the One Payment Cloud range of solutions to provide secure payment solutions across all communication channels (voice and digital) and is a Level 1 certified Service Provider of PCI-DSS solutions.

Agent Assisted Transactions

This allows agents to remain on the call or available online throughout the process. This enables agents to help and guide customers through the payment process and monitor the payment activity, all without being presented with any sensitive card details.

Self-service (unassisted) Transactions

The customer is provided with a link that they access at their time of choosing without an agent being present. The customer then follows the instructions on accessing the link to complete the payment. Notification is then relayed back to both.

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