7 A Ciptex CRM Integration: Zoho
7 A Ciptex CRM Integration: Zoho

7 A Ciptex CRM Integration: Zoho

Merge your CRM system with the Twilio Contact Centre


Utilise Ciptex API’s and connectivity features to open the CRM database for use in the Twilio Flex screens*


The functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • Connection by Configuration - no bespoke development to integrate Flex to CRM, simply use the Ciptex Configuration screen to securely connect via standards such as Oauth.
  • RACE Customer Journey creation, data collection and integration into CRM - create your own tailored and efficient agent workflow screens to support your AX and CX requirements. Collect data and integrate directly into your CRM.
  • All customer engagements are saved, securely. No matter the channel of communication, the customer interactions are saved in CRM for reporting and call review.
  • Voice-to-text and text to CRM - voice calls are transposed into text and saved in the CRM.
  • Enable AI Summarisation, automated wrap + suggested actions.
  • CRM screen popup - the system recognised the customer by phone number or email and activates popups to personalise an agent interaction with the customer.
  • Vulnerable customer recognition and screen reaction to predefined workflow
  • Call outcomes recorded in CRM
  • Outbound texts issued based on CRM data triggers 
  • Click to call - outbound dialler from CRM data click.
  • Missed call recording - how many times has this person called but not been answered (edited)
  • Enables Identification and Verification capabilities.

*note : all integration work requires an element of professional services to construct the solution

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