A Ciptex: One Payment Cloud - Self Service IVR Payments
A Ciptex: One Payment Cloud - Self Service IVR Payments

A Ciptex: One Payment Cloud - Self Service IVR Payments

Secure 24/7 transactions via Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


An unassisted 24/7 Payment Solution

The unassisted service handled by a machine provides the benefit of being able to have a 24/7 payment solution. It can also assist with achieving payments where callers would be reluctant to discuss sensitive matters directly with an agent. 


The payment solution directly integrates into the Twilio ecosystem and enables callers to key in their card data using their phone keypad. 

  • The caller dials into a specific ‘payment line’ or are transferred to the number by your main IVR. 
  • The system plays the caller a recorded greeting and explains the process to the caller. 
  • The caller is prompted to then enter the card details via the telephone keypad.
  • The sensitive details are captured and provided to your Payment Services Provider (PSP), all within a PCI-DSS accredited environment. 
  • Feedback from the PSP will enable the system to either confirm payment has been accepted or rejected if errors have been made.
  • Notification is then provided from the PSP to your back-office system to record the transaction. 
  • The caller is notified of the outcome and can be provided with a unique reference number for the transaction. 

The cost per transaction is appealing as automation is typically more cost-effective than live agents. As it is a self-service option, the design of the call flow makes the process as simple and error-free as possible.

Removes all Sensitive Data from Contact Centre Environment

Sensitive data never reaches your contact Centre as everything is suppressed and automated making the payment compliant to PCI-DSS security standards.

One Payment Cloud

Ciptex has developed the One Payment Cloud range of solutions to provide secure payment solutions across all communication channels (voice and digital) and is a Level 1 certified Service Provider of PCI-DSS solutions.

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