A Ciptex RACE with Twilio Flex
A Ciptex RACE with Twilio Flex

A Ciptex RACE with Twilio Flex

A fast track to Twilio Flex with RACE.


RACE is the fast track to Twilio Flex. 


RACE is aimed at organisations who want to access everything Flex has to offer with an almost instant turnaround.


RACE can be deployed in minutes and delivers an “out of the box” contact centre solution, reducing both the time to deploy and delivering instant benefits to consumers and agents. Once RACE is in place, we can reduce the time taken to develop integrations and plugins. Through our Marketplace, we provide a cloud ecosystem of products and services to tailor a bespoke solution.


Flex: Plugins

Plugins are the main components of any Flex platform. They are used to customise the look and feel of the platform or add complex features and functions. We have a range of ready to use plugins available to make the RACE experience richer and cut down the deployment time for each plugin that you have to create. Plug-ins include Outcome Tracking, Agent to agent calling, Video Kiosk, External Directories, and Automated Queuing.


RACE has a large and growing range of pre-built integrations to third-party applications such as Calabrio Workforce Management, MS Dynamics, Zendesk (advanced), and One Payment Cloud PCI solution.

Ciptex RACE – Buy to Build

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Ciptex, based in Manchester, England. Ciptex designs builds and manages bespoke communication platforms for organisations that want to provide a leading-edge customer engagement experience.

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A Ciptex RACE: Microsoft Teams integration for Twilio Flex

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Add Dialler functionality to Flex with Ciptex RACE Dialler. With Preview, Progressive and inbound blended functions the dialler is ready to use with simple administration tools.