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Contact Centre AI

Contact Centre AI

Contact Centre AI


Sabio’s Contact Centre AI solution integrates Google Dialogflow and Twilio APIs and enables organisations to rapidly build, test and deploy automated, conversational customer experiences. The AI based technology helps customers reach resolution more quickly and empowers agents to focus on more complex tasks.


Intent capture and analysis

Instead of rigid IVRs customers can use their own words to explain the reason of their call. Using natural language processing we can capture distribution of demand across different periods of the day and map out unexpected topic trends otherwise hidden from analytics. The results let the administrator to design conversational flows that ensure the best customer experience.


Intelligent routing

With intelligent routing customers reach the right team faster, reducing the number of ‘transfer and consults’



AI-powered interactions allow customers more opportunities to self-serve quickly and efficiently. The 24/7 conversational agent automates collection of customer information and provides answers to common requests without the need of agent involvement.



With Twilio, there is only a single point of integration to deploy conversational AI across every channel. We can seamlessly switch customers between these channels based on preference and intent to deliver the best customer outcome.

Google CCAI + Twilio

Provision a new customer service phone number; deliver a customer to an automated flow; route your customer to a specialist team, with Google CCAI

Easy to Use with Immediate Feedback

Push the boundaries of each technology, providing a powerful easy-to-use customer automation and routing solution, with immediate feedback through custom dashboards.

Designed for Analysts and Managers

Empower analysts and managers to make changes, so they control how customers are routed and which transactions customer can find self-service options.

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