Alvaria Workforce for Twilio Flex
Alvaria Workforce for Twilio Flex

Alvaria Workforce for Twilio Flex

Alvara: A world leader in enterprise-scale workforce management


Aspect Software and Noble Systems are now Alvaria! Twilio Flex contact centers can now take advantage of Alvaria Workforce, the leading WFM solution in North America according to a recent Pelorus Associates report on WFM markets. Alvaria Workforce allows Twilio Flex contact centers to reduce contact center TCO by forecasting future contact volumes, predicting the number and skills of agents required to service customer calls, scheduling appropriately skilled agents at the proper times, and tracking their daily productivity.

Unique features include:

  • Optimal Forecasting, Scheduling and Tracking of Agents
  • Historical and real-time interaction management streams for all phases of planning
  • Preference or Business Coverage Scheduling - Priority for selecting schedule times or arranging schedules based on need
  • Mobility - Notifications and access for remote agent scheduling activities

For more information see Alvaria's full product listing, call 1-855-459-1448, or fill out the "contact me" form

The Right People in the Right Places When You Need Them

Twilio Flex customers can use Alvaria Workforce to ensure their contact center is staffed with the right number of agents with the right skills to support changing interaction volumes.

A Modern, Intuitive Graphical User Interface Employees Love

Stay sleek and modern. Similar to the Twilio Flex UI, Alvaria has a simplified icon and web-based user dashboard, a responsive design supported by all major browsers, and the ability to be viewed or managed anywhere using a mobile app.

Richest Features on the Market

Get the most out of your Twilio Flex by ensuring agent adherence to schedules using Alvaria Workforce’s real-time and intra-day tracking. Simplify complex schedule trades, accommodate personal preference and develop unlimited what-if scenarios.

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Alvaria provides best-of-breed workforce optimization solutions that integrate with Twilio Flex. Alvaria WFM provides a user-friendly way to forecast omni-channel volumes, schedule agents, track real-time adherence, and analyze KPIs.