0 Stress // The Twilio-Native Integration Boutique
0 Stress // The Twilio-Native Integration Boutique

0 Stress // The Twilio-Native Integration Boutique

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The Twilio-Native Integration Boutique

c20y has a passion for customer engagement solutions. It is fueled by our personal experience with the manyfold challenges and opportunities that companies are presented with today when interacting with their customers and business partners. Finding the right solution for your contact center organization starts with understanding your needs first. The next step is to move to the technical solution that meets them.

We work closely with business and technical stakeholders alike to conceptualize, design and implement the solution that works for your business. Our proven framework for Twilio product integration projects includes active stakeholder engagement, open knowledge and best practices sharing, iterative development cycles and clear communication.

Our functional experience spans from sales and customer service use cases, lead qualification, in- and outbound marketing and engagement automation. Our technical expertise focuses on Twilio Flex integration and enhancement, channel integration, IVR implementation, API integrations as well as progressive and power dialers.

Reach out and share your customer engagement vision on Twilio with us. We are excited to build for and with you.

Twilio & Flex-Native SI Boutique

c20y focuses entirely on Twilio Flex and adjacent Twilio services. Our expertise ranges from first-time contact center migration projects all the way to sophisticated omni-channel, large scale customer engagement strategies powered by Twilio.

From Customer to Twilio SI Gold Partner

c20y was founded by the team that implemented mainland Europe's first Twilio Flex powered contact center back in 2018. We know your customer engagement challenges and their solutions, because we've all faced them ourselves.

Build and Knowledge Transfer - Your Winning Strategy

You chose our level of engagement in your build strategy. c20y creates your turn-key Twilio customer engagement solution and empowers your team at the same time to administer and enhance it going forward.