1. Twilio Flex Consultancy
1. Twilio Flex Consultancy

1. Twilio Flex Consultancy

Let Ciptex help you unleash the power of Twilio technology


We help you to transform your customer engagement strategy by creating frictionless and valuable experiences at every stage of the customer journey using a single cloud-powered communication platform. We’re an expert in Twilio Flex and Segment. Alongside RACE – our own suite of products, services, and solutions, we help customer-centric organisations create seamless, personalised and omnichannel engagements.


Your customers expect an amazing omnichannel experience. Your customers expect you to understand their needs and meet their expectations at every touchpoint. Great customer experience (CX) leaves people feeling heard and appreciated – this reflects on everything from revenue to reputation. Ciptex technology solutions simplify how you connect with your customers and influence their journeys.


Ciptex provide the capabilities, skills, results, and track record you’ll need as you streamline and enhance every customer interaction. Together we’ll discover new ways of working that drive up efficiencies and unlock the potential to improve retention, elevate experience, and boost sales. 

Build bespoke Contact Centre solutions on Twilio Flex platform.

Let us support you by unleashing the potential of your customer experience teams and allowing them to sell more and service better. The Ciptex single pane view predicts the agent’s data needs and places the information on the screen just as they need it.

Enhance Flex with Segment: Personalise Customer Insights

Enhance CRM with real-time data unification, empowering agents with comprehensive insights and fueling Customer AI, Marketing Segmentation, and Data Warehouse with high-quality profiles.

The ultimate Flex template, powered by Ciptex.

Ciptex RACE: Accelerate contact centre success. Streamline design deployment with industry-specific Twilio Flex templates, meeting business and customer needs faster

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Ciptex Limited
Ciptex, based in Manchester, England. Ciptex designs builds and manages bespoke communication platforms for organisations that want to provide a leading-edge customer engagement experience.

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2. A Single Pane View listing banner

2. A Single Pane View

Connect data sources from around your business and bring to bear the power of the right information, displayed at the time when your agent needs it most – when they are in conversion with the customer.
3. Twilio Flex Template listing banner

3. Twilio Flex Template

Ciptex RACE: connect Twilio Flex with all your data sources
4. A simple way to become PCI-DSS compliant. listing banner

4. A simple way to become PCI-DSS compliant.

Ensure your business is secure and protected for taking payments.