1-Stop ZipWhip Replacement for Bulk SMS Campaigns
1-Stop ZipWhip Replacement for Bulk SMS Campaigns

1-Stop ZipWhip Replacement for Bulk SMS Campaigns

Seamless ZipWhip successor: SeaX Messaging


Introducing SeaX Messaging, the comprehensive SMS and MMS campaign management solution designed to empower businesses in effectively reaching and engaging their customers at scale. With our bulk messaging, you can seamlessly create and execute targeted messaging campaigns, manage customer contacts, and leverage powerful automation features to optimize your communication strategy.

Bulk SMS & MMS Campaigns: Effortlessly create and send SMS and MMS campaigns to specific customer segments. Leverage message templates to include dynamic user information, ensuring tailored and engaging communication with your customers. 

Contact Management: Conveniently manage and organize customer contacts in one centralized platform, ensuring easy access and efficient contact management.

Customer Segments: Target specific customer segments based on labels, allowing you to tailor your messages and ensure they reach the right audience.

Scheduled Send: Plan and schedule message campaigns for a later date, ensuring timely delivery and enabling strategic messaging.

Conversations & 2-Way Texting: Engage in interactive conversations with customers through two-way texting, providing personalized and prompt responses to their inquiries. 

Keywords & Auto-Replies: Set up keywords and predefined responses to enable automated and intelligent auto-replies, creating interactive conversational experiences.

User Management: Efficiently manage your team with the ability to add subusers and configure role-based permissions for each individual user and specific phone numbers. 

Workspaces: Seamlessly manage multiple separate businesses or use-cases within a single account, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced organization.

Multiple Phone Numbers: Support businesses with multiple locations by assigning multiple phone numbers, enabling localized communication and maintaining a consistent brand presence.

API Support: Integrate the bulk SMS platform into your existing systems and workflows using our robust API.

Group Send SMS

Provide a template and contact lists, then send! We'll take care of rate limiting and campaign registration.

Multiple Sender Numbers

Use different phone numbers for corresponding demographics.

Reply and Label Customers

Be in the know about your customer communication and whom to follow up with.

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