Internal Chat Add-on For Flex
Internal Chat Add-on For Flex

Internal Chat Add-on For Flex

Empower your team to communicate with each other instantly and securely


Internal Chat for Twilio Flex

A premium Flex Add-On created by VPS to unify your agent communication within one application. This functionality can be added to any existing Flex Instance and is built using Twilio Conversations.

Unify Your Communication Tools

Agents are expected to deliver information readily and accurately. They shouldn’t be forced to transfer or access another system to get the context they need from another agent. Internal Chat for Twilio Flex gives your Agents all the collaboration of an instant messaging application, right in their Flex console to deliver faster results for your customers.

Improve Resolution Time

Speed up your contact center experience for your customers while minimizing disruptions. Reduce hold time and get customers the answers they need without having to transfer to another agent or supervisor.

Consolidate Applications

It’s complicated and inefficient for agents to maintain and look up different data sources to best serve your customers. With Internal Chat for Flex, internal and external conversation history, customer data, and contact center tools are consolidated into one application.

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Ensure Security and Compliance

Keep your agent communications contained all within one application to prevent data leakage and guarantee compliance needs are met.

Full-Featured Chat for Agents

Internal Chat for Twilio Flex provides a robust agent experience for text conversations, so that they have the capability to use reactions, emojis, notifications, history, and group messaging. You can even escalate the chat to an internal video room.

1:1 and Group Video Conferencing

Some conversations call for more than just text. Agents can create ad-hoc 1:1 or conference video meetings in seconds with other agents. This also gives your supervisors tools for training and coaching the entire agent workforce.

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