eWebinar: SMS Reminders for Automated Webinars
eWebinar: SMS Reminders for Automated Webinars

eWebinar: SMS Reminders for Automated Webinars

Let us run your webinars for you.


eWebinar saves you from doing the same webinar over and over again.

eWebinar is an automated webinar solution that combines pre-recorded video with live chat and real-time interactions to consistently deliver an engaging experience for attendees, without you needing to be there.

We save you from doing the same presentation over and over by letting you turn any video into an interactive webinar and set it on a recurring schedule.

Overall Benefits

  • Flexible scheduling options — any day, any time, any timezone
  • A variety of interactions to keep your customers engaged till the end
  • Intercom-like chat that moves conversations to email when attendees go offline
  • A fully branded, consumer-friendly interface
  • Twilio integration for pre-webinar SMS reminders
  • Other integrations with popular CRMs, marketing solutions, and Zapier


Start at $49/month, 14-day free trial

Flexible Scheduling

Set up a recurring schedule at your attendee's own timezone so they can watch your webinar on their own schedule. Enable the "just in time" option and let attendees register for a webinar starting in 5 minutes.

Robust Chat System

When attendees join your eWebinar, they'll be greeted with a custom welcome message. When they respond, you'll get a notification so you can chat with them live. If you're not around, they'll get a custom away message and you can respond via email later.

Pre-set Interactions

Add pre-populated questions, polls, downloads, tips, offers, and more that show up at the perfect time during your eWebinar. Engage attendees, collect valuable feedback, and get attendees to stay for your entire presentation.

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eWebinar turns any video into an interactive, automated webinar you can set on a recurring schedule. Let us run your webinars for you so you don't have to.