HubSpot Flex Extension
HubSpot Flex Extension

HubSpot Flex Extension

Connecting HubSpot with Flex


The HubSpot Flextension is a pre-built partner plugin for fast Flex deployments. Flextensions (Flex Extensions) provide a path for organizations that are not ready to build on their own, but need a ready-to-use solution. To make these even better, Flextensions offer out-of-the-box functionality while allowing for customization, which is what truly sets Flex apart from the rest.

The HubSpot Flextension is integrated within the Flex Interface as a custom view in a CRM container. The HubSpot interface spans the entire right hand side of the screen, allowing agents to freely communicate with the customers while browsing and typing customer information from within the same screen.

HubSpot Flextension

The HubSpot Flextension provides the full functionality of HubSpot: Contact, Conversation, Marketing, Sales, Service, Automation, and Reports.

HubSpot Automation

Repetitive CRM tasks are automated within HubSpot to save you time and increase performance. Marketing, Sales and Service pipelines are all addressed in HubSpot workflows.

Flex Automation

Messages and calls can be automatically answered by our Conversational AI -- no matter it's text or voice. Flex Automation takes care of inquiry responses without any human engagements. Furthermore, it connects and updates your HubSpot CRM seamlessly.

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