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About Aument: automation tactics

Aument marketing automation tactics help brands acquire and retain customers. Improve your conversion rate and scale your revenue with personalized communications through SMS, email and paid media channels.

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Abandoned cart and void payment recovery email

Improve your conversion rate by recovering abandoned carts and unsuccessful purchases due to void payments.

  1. Set up the complete automation in under five minutes
  2. Best performing template
  3. Personalize emails according to your brand

Chatbot support? NO - You can speak directly to our founders

We know your success is our success. Our platform is built to solve your problems. Reach out to us and we’ll make sure you get the support you deserve. Want to speak with someone instead of a chatbot? We’ll set up a call with our founders.

Unique customer profile

Get a clear understanding of your customer's journey: know what type of interactions someone has had with your brand (i.e. store visit, abandoned carts, purchases) and how valuable they are to your business.

Community driven

Join our Slack channel and start interacting, collaborating with and learning about merchants from various industries.

Where we are headed - upcoming features

First quarter 2022 Customer base bucket segmentation: champions, loyalist, about to be lost, dormant Social media channel integrations Lookalike audience builder

Reduce time between first and second purchase Upsell tactics Cross Selling Tactics

Second quarter 2022 Custom audience builder: segment your customer base according to your specific needs

Customer reactivation tactics Next best product recommendation Product bundles creator

Hands Off Automated Marketing

Activate pre-built marketing automations through SMS, Email and Social Media. Seamless integrations with just a few clicks

Increase Revenue

Get more second time buyers. Recover lost customers Transform visitors into customers

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Aument analyses your customers touchpoints across platforms to create automations that boost your business results while creating meaningful experiences.