Spoke Speedy - Operator Console for Twilio Flex
Spoke Speedy - Operator Console for Twilio Flex

Spoke Speedy - Operator Console for Twilio Flex

Quicker search, faster transfers, better experiences.


Spoke Speedy Overview

Business phone lines are the front lines of your customer experience. Spoke Speedy for Twilio Flex empowers receptionists, operators, and Flex Agents to represent your business better, from wherever they work.

Designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of receptionists, operators, and agents who handle a high volume of calls, Spoke Speedy makes searching for the right contact and transferring the call from Twilio Flex super easy, accurate, and fast.

Made to work with your existing phone system, CRM, and contact lists, Spoke Speedy can search all data sources to transfer calls to any employee, device, extension, supplier, customer, or contact - anywhere.

Spoke Speedy can be up and running in hours, adding significant value to your business -- all without requiring any technology change or purchase of specialized equipment.

Built on Twilio and fully integrated to Twilio Flex, Programmable Voice, SIP, and Segment -- you can maximize your existing Twilio account and investment.

Start delivering a more professional face to your customers and drive productivity savings today.

Made for today's hybrid world

In today’s increasingly hybrid and flexible working environment with distributed workforces and remote staff, it has become more challenging to maintain call handling efficiency and service consistency. Not anymore.

Personalize each call for better experiences and outcomes

Give your team better customer insights on every call, so they’re more prepared and customers get a better outcome. Dynamically present rich custom information from Twilio Segment and other sources, based on what number is called and/or who is calling.

Rapid deployment that requires no change to existing systems

Your business units, brands, partners and suppliers may all have different phone technologies. You can now unify them all in a single cloud solution that offers a better and consistent experience for Agents, customers, and people you transfer calls to.

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Spoke Phone
Spoke is a programmable cloud phone system for Twilio. Companies use Spoke to replace traditional PBX and cloud phones with a flexible alternative on Twilio that puts them in total control.

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