A Ciptex RACE: Outbound dialler for Twilio Flex
A Ciptex RACE: Outbound dialler for Twilio Flex

A Ciptex RACE: Outbound dialler for Twilio Flex

Increase productivity and call rates for outbound sales and service


Diallers automatically make outbound calls, removing the need for agents to dial calls manually. Business benefits include increased calling rates, maximising talk time and the opportunity to engage with your customers. Agents can spend more time talking to the people they need to, with productivity increases typically greater than 30%.

The dialler offers several modes to choose from, so you can tailor your engagement based on the nature of the call, customer persona and available agent skills. Blending means agents can continue to receive those important inbound calls. Outcomes choices mean you can create ways to follow up with a "call to action" using email or digital channels, improving the overall customer experience.

Progressive - the dialler automatically places the call to the customer having reserved a suitably skilled agent. When answered, the dialler connects the caller to the agent.

Preview - the agent controls when they are ready to make the call, and clicks to start the dial. Appropriate when the agent needs to review customer information from a CRM before making the call, in their own time.

Blended - those important inbound calls are always delivered to agents when they become available, taking priority over the outbound campaign.

Use your existing agent skills, so only appropriate agents are allocated to each outbound campaign.

Follow-up actions, or outcomes can include adding the customer back to be tried again, diarising a timed callback, sending a SMS - or creating a follow-up conversation with other channels such as WhatApp or Facebook.

With the Ciptex dialler, campaigns can easily be created, and contacts loaded using multiple formats to fit with your operations. Use CSV or XLS from within Flex. Add contacts from Google Sheets, Dropbox, FTP, sFTP, Salesforce, Hubspot and many others programmatically via the Dialler API. You can Email in data from approved addresses.

The dialler can be used by a dedicated outbound team, or across the contact center. Examples for use may be sales contact, or following up on service tickets. The dialler can help when making customer satisfaction survey calls. If there are quiet times of the day, an inbound contact center can use the dialler to make outbound calls, smoothing talk time across the day.

With customisation, create your own unique outbound customer engagement experiences with the RACE Dialler.

Available to Ciptex RACE users.

Simple to get started

-Choose dial modes and allocate agents by skills. Simple administration GUI. -Workflows and skills are automatically created and ready to be assigned to agents. -Agent controls within the familiar Flex+RACE desktop and similar to inbound.

Comprehensive campaign management controls

-Designed so new or existing dialler users can start quickly. -Live reporting to allow rapid updates of dialling strategy, keeping within regulations. -Drag and drop campaign uploader and a scheduled data fetcher.

Intelligent follow-up workflows to optimise your outcomes

-Create your own outbound journey to differentiate your customer engagement -Outcome actions can include SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, a redail later, or scheduled call back.

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