Accelerate your e-commerce revenue funnel with conversational SMS marketing.


Emotive is the only all-in-one SMS growth platform, designed to help you acquire, engage, and convert e-commerce shoppers into loyal customers.

ACQUIRE: Grow your subscriber list 10X faster. Gather first-party data at the top of the funnel and improve e-commerce ROAS with Conversational Ads, a fully managed paid ad solution with higher opt-ins than traditional pop-ups.


ENGAGE: Improve conversions with two-way texting. Texting is personal and the human touch matters. Scale your brand’s voice and increase clicks, traffic, and sales with Emotive’s automated conversational marketing.


CONVERT: Go from text to checkout in a single SMS thread. Maximize sales by minimizing the need for shoppers to switch between apps. Expedite checkout with “reply-to-buy” texts, and secure customer billing data for future purchases.

Text message marketing that feels human.

Drive engagement and supercharge revenue with an AI-powered, human-backed SMS marketing platform. Emotive's automated, two-way texting converts better than email and builds brand loyalty.

Five-star customer success that extends your marketing team.

Emotive's customer success managers, copywriters, designers, and shopping experts help you onboard, set up campaigns, automate responses, analyze results, and optimize for future growth.

Built for compliance and deliverability.

Emotive is designed for high-bandwidth deliverability and TCPA compliance, compatible with short and long codes and 10DLC. Custom pop-ups and templates ensure your lists and text messages are legal.

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Emotive accelerates the e-commerce revenue funnel with humanized, conversational texting. Build your list, increase sales and loyalty, and enable frictionless payments—so you can drive growth and revenue.