Two-way business texting platform


Textline is a business text messaging platform that empowers support, sales, and operations teams by making it easy to send and respond to text messages.

Brands like 1-800-Got-Junk, Tuft & Needle, Stuart Weitzman, TriMet, and Live Nation use Textline to communicate in a way that is fast, convenient, efficient, and accessible from anywhere. Make customers happy by adding a personal touch to your communication experience while lowering call volume and resolving more issues.

Textline also offers fully HIPAA compliant and secure business texting plans for healthcare providers and their business partners in order to protect sensitive data. Take advantage of the ease and convenience of business texting-- while knowing your customers' health information is secure. The best part is that your customers don't need to download a separate app.

The Textline platform is built to enhance your customer support workflow, team collaboration, and process automation. Your team can share one or more phone numbers for responding to customer inquiries while easily managing multiple conversations simultaneously. Use features such as announcements, templated responses, automations, MMS, surveys, metrics and more.

Enhance your customer support experience

Add a personal touch to your customer interactions. Customer support over phone or email isn’t enough anymore. Today’s customers expect multichannel communication that lets them talk to you on their terms.

Speed up your sales cycle

Improve communication throughout the sales process. Your leads want quick and convenient communication, and texts have a higher response rate than phone calls or emails. Build trust and convert more leads.

Improve internal communication

Teamwork requires constant communication, especially when you have a large team, a distributed workforce, or a complex workflow. Texting is the communication channel with the fastest response time, and that means that everything else gets done quicker.

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The most secure two-way business text messaging for modern customer support and sales teams.