Twilio Flex Retail Starter Pack
Twilio Flex Retail Starter Pack

Twilio Flex Retail Starter Pack

Deliver Your Customer-First Promise


Establishing and executing your customer-first promise can have an extreme impact on the customer experience, retail brand loyalty, and repeat business. However, to remain competitive you must continuously improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction to achieve long-term goals.

Enabling your teams with easy and efficient ways to interact with customers can be expensive. Off-the-shelf solutions often provide unwanted functionality or are cost prohibitive while building a custom solution takes too long and is extremely costly.

Twilio Flex’s agile approach to contact center solutions offers your retail agents the channels, integration capabilities, and features that are needed to equip them for success. To help you get started, we offer a Twilio Flex Retail Starter Pack.

Our Twilio Flex Retail Starter Pack provides only the functionality your teams need to do their job, right out of the box. It also integrates seamlessly with SendGrid for email routing, and Glance for co-browsing and video capabilities. Once the Retail Starter Pack is implemented and configured, you can take advantage of several added channels, integrations, and features including:


  • Email routing with SendGrid
  • Web Chat
  • Voice
  • Video (Chat to Video Escalations)
  • Twitter (Direct messages and Mentions)
  • SMS (Inbound & Outbound)


  • Shipment Tracking (UPS, FedEx, *USPS)
  • Co-browsing with Glance


  • Callbacks
  • Voicemail
  • Reason/disposition codes
  • Web Chat Nudge Behavior
  • Canned Responses
  • Emoji Picker

Implementation time varies in duration from two weeks to several months, depending on the required scope of customizations and integrations. The starter pack also lays the foundation for future updates.

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack lays the foundation for future feature implementation, optimizing your contact center on Twilio Flex.


Basic implementations take as little as two weeks and result in significant cost savings, with customized implementations available and varying in length depending on the scope of customizations and integrations required.

Proof of Concepts

We’ll work with you to determine your organization’s success criteria, and then provide you with the necessary development, testing and deployment processes enabling you to evaluate key features and/or integrations based on your overall objectives.

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