3. Twilio Flex Template
3. Twilio Flex Template

3. Twilio Flex Template

Accelerate your success with Ciptex RACE with pre-built industry Flex templates.


We’re an expert in Twilio Flex and Segment. Alongside RACE – our own suite of products, services, and solutions, we help customer-centric organisations create seamless, personalised and omnichannel engagements. Ciptex RACE Accelerators dramatically reduce the time it takes to deploy a contact centre solution – helping you get operational in days, rather than months.

A series of industry-specific Twilio Flex templates overcome many of the design challenges involved in building a bespoke contact centre solution from scratch. We give you all the tools you need to meet the needs of your business, and your customers in record time.

  • The value of omnichannel 

Engage with customers at any phase in the customer journey through email, voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, video and Webchat and manage the entire customer experience from a single user interface.

  • Flexibility at speed

Capitalise on all the benefits on the world’s most flexible contact centre solution. Ciptex RACE delivers a completely customised implementation, live in less time, than alternative out-of-the-box software. 

  • Single-Pane View

No longer go to multiple places to complete one task – do everything in the single pane. It is a win- win! Customers are satisfied on the one call. Productivity improves. 

  • Unlock the power of your data 

Be 100% sure that you target prospects with the right sales messages through the right channels. Our automated customer segmentation and revenue attribution models suggest winning marketing strategies for your organisation based on facts. 


Omnichannel Engagement

Linked conversations through the channel of the consumer’s choice: Voice, Video, Web Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Kiosks or Mobile App.

Reporting and Analytics

Full business intelligence solution, FCA consumer duty outcomes, real-time resource analysis, wait times, satisfaction scoring, polls and feedback.

Integration and Open APIs

Zoho, Twilio Segment, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, HubSpot, multiple voice carriers, speech analytics and more.

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Ciptex, based in Manchester, England. Ciptex designs builds and manages bespoke communication platforms for organisations that want to provide a leading-edge customer engagement experience.

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