BluText SMS for Zoho CRM
BluText SMS for Zoho CRM

BluText SMS for Zoho CRM

Use the Zoho CRM workflow editor to automate text messages right from your CRM!


If you're a Zoho CRM user, you know that the Zoho CRM workflow editor is an incredible tool. It lets you set up automated workflows to handle every step of your customer journey, from lead generation to onboarding, and beyond.

With BluText, you can use the "Send Text" action in the Zoho CRM workflow editor to customize actions, recipients and templates—just like email! BluText also lets you send bulk SMS messages to a filtered list in Zoho CRM, and have SMS conversations in the Leads and Contacts modules.

So how can this help you?

Well, first of all, it's easy. You don't have to know how to code or anything like that. All you need is an understanding of what you want your message to say and a template to put it in.

Second, it's fast. You don't have to spend hours figuring out how everything works; simply select your template and add it to the workflow editor, customize it a bit if needed, hit save and then send!

And third: it's customizable. That means no more sending out boring old texts—you can use templates with dynamic merge tags. Access these templates from the workflow editor and add them to your message before sending!

When you need to send personalized messages to your customers, you have to be sure that they will get them. That's why we integrated BluText with Twilio so that your texts are delivered seamlessly.


The pricing for BluText is $30/org per month or get 30% off on our yearly subscription at $250.00/org per year.

It’s time to automate SMS in your Zoho CRM Workflow.

Add text messages to an existing workflow in your Zoho CMR with the new "Send Text" action. You can customize your recipient list and template—just like you would for email notifications.

Chat with Leads and Contacts through text-based messages.

In both Leads and Contacts modules, the BluChat widget is now available. View all sent and received text messages—and save time by using templates!

Send a bulk SMS to your mailing lists directly from your Zoho CRM dashboard.

Stop sending one-off text messages! Create mailing lists and bulk send texts from the Leads, Contacts & Deals module. Use templates right in the CRM's built-in widget for quick customization of your communications.

Bluroot is a Premium Zoho Partner. We help businesses with their CRM and cloud software needs through Zoho. Our flagship extension, BluText, allows users to send and receive SMS messages through Twilio in Zoho CRM.